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Sanctuary for Yoga, Reiki and Crystal Therapy!

Restorative Yoga, Crystal Therapy featuring Chakra Balancing- with Reiki
We are now offering Astro-Numerology Reports and Readings and Coaching with Akashic Records!

Come and experience sacred space with us today!

We offer your soul a range of restorative and gentle yoga to heal your mind, body and spirit in a very busy, over stimulating world.  Available are small classes, offered on a weekly basis,  and also in private sessions or in small groups booked for special occasions.  Classes are offered in a beautiful, quaint studio fully equipped with mats and props associated with restorative yoga practice.

We offer energy healing for your chakras so that you can experience the feeling of cohesive and vibrant energy in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Energy healing takes place in a calming, tranquil energy healing room in beautiful, quaint studio.

We offer Astro-Numerology reports and readings to help you to connect with your soul path, your life path and your destiny path which are determined by the frequency of the vibration of  the date that you were born, and by the name you you were given by your birth family.  All consultations are available in our beautiful studio, or remotely on Zoom from your computer anywhere in the world.

We offer Akashic Records Consulations that will help you to make break through after break through on your soul path as you continue to make regular strides towards your destiny. Consultations are available in our beautiful healing stduio or on Zoom from your computer anywhere in the world.