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Sanctuary for Yoga, Reiki and Crystal Therapy!

Restorative Yoga, Crystal Therapy featuring Chakra Balancing- with Reiki
We are now offering Astro-Numerology Reports and Readings and Coaching with Akashic Records!

My name is Susan Jenness, and I  began teaching yoga in 2010.  I am a 200 RYT with Yoga Alliance.   I fell in love with Restorative Yoga for it brought about space that felt grounded  to me and led me to discover the dreams that were always very much alive in my soul.  I  continued on my own healing path and soon found Reiki, Level I and II.   Not long after, I discovered my connection to healing the chakras, and much more, through working with crystals. I became a certified crystal therapist as well in 2013.  

I have been studying Astro-Numerolgoy for several years with Tania Gabrielle.  I credit Astro-Numerology with the ability to determine life path, soul path and destiny path information for my clients, through working with their birth charts and exploring their natal inheritance, of which no two charts are alike.  To be on a path that offers experiences that are compatible with our destiny will lead us to an increasing sense of well being and happiness.

Susan graduated this fall as a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner  studying with Patricia Missakian and the Akashic Records Institute.  She credits working in the Akashic Records with being able to break through obstacle we are likely to encounter on the path to our own unique, authentic reasons for being here in this lifetime. Working in the Akashic Records will help us to explore and update old soul contracts, beliefs and concepts that are no longer serving  us on our journey as we move forward. 

It is my honor to be able to offer sacred space in the world at this time, supporting you and helping you shine your light out in the world, the way that only you were meant to in this life time!

With Light, Love and Deep Respect,

Susan C. Jenness