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Sanctuary for Yoga, Reiki and Crystal Therapy!

Restorative Yoga, Crystal Therapy featuring Chakra Balancing- with Reiki
We are now offering Astro-Numerology Reports and Readings and Coaching with Akashic Records!


Working with the Akashic Records guarantees busting through limitations right away!!!

Over the years on this healing path, there have been times when I felt like there were obstacles standing in front of me, and I allowed many of them to hold me back. I found the Akashic Records when I was studying another amazing modality, and I found that when I relied on the Akashic Records, I always found a way to break through my blockages, and that transformation was immediate as soon as I finished my visit and took some action that was cohesive with my intentions.

You see, we come into this life as a soul with a mission also known as a life path. We made a promise to try to live this out before we were born. When we get here, we get into our families, our culture, our spiritual business or lack there-of, and we also discover to be human means to suffer.

Our life as it is today is considered 3rd dimensional. Our thinking from this life time and how we created our current circumstances is considered 4th dimensional. The Akashic Records are 5th dimensional and that is where the records of our lives reside, where we can go and get a hand unlocking whatever obstacles seem to be perpetuating limitations in our lives.

We are being offered infinite opportunities every single day. They are coming through for us, in ways we never dreamed possible a few short years ago. Working in the Akashic Records helps us access break through information that has immediate transformative results on what is in our 3rd and 4th dimensions, making up our current life circumstances. This is transformation that brings instant manifestation into your life today.

We are now saying goodbye to November which is a Master 11 month offering us opportunities each and everyday to walk through portals saying goodbye to old energy, and saying hello to brand new and desired ways of living. 2018 is fast approaching and it just so happens that 2018 is a Master 11 Universal Year. This month has been a portal for us to get ready for what lies ahead in 2018. We will be offered new opportunities to break through, break down and break out in ways that we have never seen very, very soon, all year long.

To help us all get ready, I am going to be offering some amazing deals throughout the month of December on Akashic Records Consultations to help us make amazing break throughs; energy healing for our chakras to get them into high amplitude form to support us; and Astro-Numerology tools so that we can define our Life Path, Soul Essence, Birthday Vibration and our Destiny Codes! We are so amazing inside and I am packed with the tools needed to support us where we intend to go next.

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Always, in light and love and honor from Susan

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