Sanctuary for yoga, Reiki and Crystal Therapy

Intention, Alignment and Support mean everything to your soul purpose!

Do you feel led to renew and replenish? Do you feel led to connect more deeply with your soul's true desires and purpose?

Do you want to experience vibrant, high vibrational energy that can only come from balancing your chakras with crystals?

We offer your soul a range of restorative and gentle yoga to clear and relax your mind, body and spirit. Available are small classes, offered on a weekly basis, and also private sessions or small group sessions for special occasions. All yoga is offered in a beautiful, quaint studio, and we are fully equipped with mats and props associated with restorative yoga practice.

If it is energy healing and support you are longing for, we offer crystal therapy for amplyfying the power of your chakras so you can experience the feeling of vibrant energy that aligns your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies with cohesiveness that supports you wherever your soul is calling for you to go.

If it is new terrain you seek on your path, we offer Astro-Numerology reports and readings to connect you to your life path, day of birth and destiny path vibrations. A clear understanding of the types of energies and activities aligned with your soul is gained in such a reading,, along with concepts of how a client can recognize the shadow characteristics of their vibrational archetypes so that shifts can be made into the abundance and light frequency. Consultations are available remotely on Zoom or in person at the beautiful sanctuary setting..

Akashic Records work is so important to us that we offer consultations remotely on Zoom and in person as well. We can visit the Akashic Records when we are working at the soul level and hit a plateau and we feel blocked or unsure of how to move forward in the area of life we are developing. We visit the Akashic records of your soul to help you clear away the blockages in the way of your progress, or to assist you to shift out of any unwanted patterns you long to replace with new ones. There is never any such thing as a mistake in the Akashic Records. There are only such things as choices!