Sanctuary for Yoga, Reiki and Crystal Therapy

Where Intention, Alignment and Support can mean everything to your soul!

My name is Susan Jenness and I  began teaching yoga in 2010.  I am a 200 RYT with Yoga Alliance.   I fell in love with Restorative Yoga which brought about space that felt grounded  to me and led me to discover dreams that were deeply connected to my healing life and coming from my soul.  On my own healing path I soon found Reiki, Level I and II.  Not long after that, I discovered that in nourishing my chakras with crystal therapy, I was able to open up a portal to a frequency inside the body that would align beautifully with my dreams and support me as I movd forward into higher and higher vibrations.  

I have been studying Astro-Numerolgoy for several years with Tania Gabrielle.  I credit Astro-Numerology with my ability to determine life path, soul path and destiny path information for my clients.  This offers my clients an introduction  to a path that offers experiences that are compatible with their vibration and leads them on to an increasing sense of well being and happiness.

The Akashic Records are our life story records and everyone has them.  Sometime we end up blocked on our path, or, we find ourselves repeating old patterns we are yearning to release.  The Akashic Records will help us to explore our old contracts, beliefs and concepts that are no longer serving  us on our journey.  As we make those discoveries, we can cancel and forgive the old ones, and go on to create new beliefs, contracts and concepts that help us move forward. in happiness, joy and good health!

It is my honor to be able to offer sacred space in the world at this time, supporting you and helping you shine your light out in the world, the way that only you were meant to in this life time!

With Light, Love and Deep Respect,

Susan C. Jenness